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Akari Shiki

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Akari Shiki

Привет, это Хэвон. Хм.. Когда люди смотрят на меня, они часто спрашивают, не сонный ли я ㅜㅜ Мои глаза на самом деле такие! ㅜㅜ
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[2011.08.05][me2day] Хэвон

Akari Shiki

Привет. Давно не виделись.. Я сделал это фото перед занятием японским.. В дальнейшем я буду чаще здесь появляться >.<
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[me2day][2011.06.23-24] Taefung, Haewon

Akari Shiki

Weather Forecasting said it’s Typhoon. Typhoon is heading North to effect the country!!. Everyone , Be careful to Prevent any of Damage !!!! More ! X-5′s TaeFung is The Strongest!

Hello ^^it’s HaeWon. Today is “Show is over” Last Performance. ~Thank You Very much for Supporting and Cheering us while we are on stage And We’ll miss you TT We’ll comeback with Cooler appearance !!!

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[me2day][2011.06.21] Haewon

Akari Shiki

Hello, this is HaeWon, I Really Thank you for Congratulating my Birthday ^^ and Thank for Supporting us by coming out in a hot day like today. Today The Show we will Work Hard!!!!!!

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[me2day][2011.06.13] Taefung & Soohyun

Akari Shiki

Hello to all the fans! I’d like introduce to you a person I like. I introduce U-Kiss’s leader with handsome looks, Soohyun-hyung kk This picture is from when I met Soohyun at Music Bank and we took one cut kk(We spent a little too much time together [T/N: by this he means that Soohyun was probably late for something after seeing Donghyun)] TT I’m going up now. Soohyun-hyung, Sorry-yeom TT)

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[me2day][2011.06.08-09] Sulhu & Mika

Akari Shiki

]I’m magnae Sulhu..I’ve came back from Indonesia !! I miss u Mika Hyung♥waa take a selca together!! I miss u we’ll meet again in 3 weeks^^*hyung…♥ BIG news!! My hair color turned black!(=all the color is coming out) ㅠㅠ I hoped keep that color… ㅠㅠ Everyone saya cinta kamu (I love you)

“Hello~This is maknae Sulhu^^*My natural 17 year old high school student self is going to school on the subway~!!!!! My school uniform is [pretty] kk Our winter uniforms are a baby chick’s shade of yellow!!!! There are lots of my sunbaes on the advertisements I pass by~~(pride)I love you♥Kissx10,000”

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[me2day][2011.06.02] Sulhu

Akari Shiki

Hello^^* This is Maknae Sulhu~ Yesterday I changed my hair but it has become brittle like a broom T_T However the hair color is very cute and has a lot of spirit…!!! Tomorrow we will go to Indonesia and be separated(from all of you) but don’t be sad because we will come home very soon. We will deliver a good performance~ srhnd~ 100 individual kisses

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[me2day][2011.05.23] Taefung, X-5 & B2ST

Akari Shiki

Hello!!! This is Taefung^^ It's already been one month since we've debuted today!! Fireworks bang bang!!! Time flies fast. Our fans are always going to love X-5 even in the future right!!? I trust you^^!! We hope to get lots of love in the future also!!!!!

Hello!!! this is Taefung, it was an honor for us to exchange CDs with our BEAST sunbaes in the Music bank waiting room. I was so nervous, thought I was gonna die. Fiction!!! Of course!!!!! The song is really really good and the cold city boy's dance is really really cool^^ BEAST Fiction daebak!! Clap jjak jjak
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